EST is your expert in the sector of surface technology, offering a wide range of products and services from high quality and state-of-the-art pretreatment, heat technical and galvanizing equipment to economically and ecologically sustainable plants in the field of wastewater treatment and zero liquid discharge solutions.

EST accompanies and supports its customers along all project stages as a holistic partner. Starting with the identification of our customer's needs and requirements we develop competitive and viable concepts with high quality products from our high-end in-house production and a broad network of long-established partners.

From the designing and engineering stage over the procurement of all required equipment, assembling, commissioning and training up to long-term maintenance and servicing partnerships our goal is simple:


Create the best product as the leading

Experts in Surface Technology – EST




With profound expertise and out-of-the-box approaches EST continuously improves and implements its technological solutions concentrating on process efficiency, facility durability as well as resource and cost saving management in the consumption of operating supplies. Here, EST endeavors to analyze the requirements of its customers to determine the best possible solutions even for problems and challenges yet unresolved in the industry. By this continuous technological improvement process EST provides robust and reliable facilities either for completely new production lines or in the run of upgrading and revamping existing facilities.


With its continuous technological improvement process, a highly trained in-house team of experts and a close-knit network of skilled specialists and experienced partner companies, EST unfolds the full synergistic potential in planning and engineering superior and customer-oriented facility solutions. In this course, EST offers the full spectrum from planning and engineering basic, manually controlled facilities, up to complex, fully automated facility concepts including solutions for material handling, surface treatment, metallurgy and chemistry, environmental technology and resource recovery solutions. Beyond these core topics, EST is always open to take on new challenges that lie beyond the current range of EST products and services.


Through profound planning and engineering expertise EST realizes superior facility concepts and brings them from paper to action with its capable in-house production, exclusively using materials of the highest quality standards, state-of-the-art machinery and a team of meticulous and professional workers. Beyond this broad in-house product range, EST cooperates with a network of competent and experienced partners, enabling EST to offer all types of facility components at competitive prices. According to the EST working ethos, EST’s mission is to offer highest quality solutions at the best possible price.


EST is aware of how challenging, time and cost intensive the realization of a project can be and how tough it is to make the right decisions. To find the best solution, EST attaches highest importance to supporting the customer in making the right planning decisions, especially during the first critical steps of a project realization. Therefore, EST offers assistance in the analysis and evaluation of budgetary options, future operative costs, saving potentials and available technical solutions, providing the information to make a viable and sustainable decision. Subsequently, EST acts as a trustful and reliable general supplier from the planning stage over the provision of all equipment right to the installation and handover of the facility or equipment. Beyond this, EST also offers a broad spectrum of after-sales services from maintenance and annual inspection services over 24/7 support contact, remote maintenance and emergency on-site services up to the supply of spare parts.





In hot dip galvanizing steel is coated with a corrosion-resistant layer of alloy by immersion in molten zinc. With years of experience and a network of strong partners, EST offers the full planning and engineering service as well as the necessary equipment for facilities able to stand the test of such a challenging industrial application.



The heat-intensive processes employed in the metalworking industry literally make advanced heat technology solutions a "hot" topic. Here, EST offers a wide spectrum of viable and reliable solutions ranging from classical boilers over high-capacity dryers to utmostly efficient heat recovery systems.



Chemical pretreatment is at the core of most processes related to the metalworking industry. In this sector, governed by large throughput volumes and strong competition, process reliability and efficiency are paramount for the success of a company. Here, EST offers the full bandwidth of high quality products from process tanks over storage tanks up to the right ventilation systems to guarantee a save and economical production.



Reduction of waste and saving of resources are not only crucial topics for the success of a company but are even more becoming "the topic" of our century. Heeding the importance of both, the stakeholder needs as well as the growing requirements towards finding green and sustainable solutions, EST offers a variety of auxiliaries for resource saving and waste minimizing processes, either as part of an overall EST facility concept or as an upgrade, integrated into existing facilities of a customer.



Pretreatment processes in the metalworking industry are water-intensive applications. For a clean and reliable process sequence proper rinsing procedures are essential. However, the resulting waste water is commonly too polluted for direct disposal. EST endeavors to support its customers in finding reliable solutions for the treatment of any liquid waste accumulated during pretreatment, guaranteeing a clean, efficient and environmentally benign plant operation.


Zero liquid discharge technology, meaning the complete avoidance of liquid waste by creating a closed cycle, is at the pinnacle of achievable solutions in the disposal of waste fluids. Due to the importance of this topic within the industrial environment, EST has put its focus on finding clean, green, viable, reliable and affordable solutions to face the issue of waste water management. Thereby, EST does not only keep an eye on current ecological considerations and official regulations but even more considers itself as a front-runner in helping its customers to be prepared for all future developments.




Identifying what the customer really needs, the EST spectrum ranges from basic engineering up to delivering complete facility layouts.


Assessing the given requirements, EST develops process concepts focusing on reliability, efficiency and ecological sustainability.


Having profound knowledge in process automatization, EST offers a full spectrum of automated process solutions up to the full automatization of complete facilities.


Evaluating the design of preexisting production plants, EST offers full revamping and retrofitting services bring a customer's facility up to the state of the art.


During the handover of a facility to the customer, EST offers fast and competent plant commissioning including proper training services


EST is always there for the customer and offers full maintenance, such as spare parts, emergency services, inspections and many more.