Metalworking processes require the ability to provide, maintain and transfer large amounts of thermal energy either by hot water, steam or heated air. EST provides both engineering and equipment for the heating demands of the customer, with typical applications such as heat supply to process tanks, hot-air drying chambers for treated material as well as heat recovery systems for recuperating waste heat from other heat-intensive facility processes for the aforementioned applications.



At first glance, the drying of treated material may look like a straightforward and simple task, but it demands accurate design and control to achieve uniform heat flows and by that guarantee continuous treatment quality. With energy-conserving hot-air recirculation and drying chambers laid out for the particular material requirements, EST dryer units do guarantee satisfactory results in any application.

Technical Details

  • medium velocity burners with automated gas / air ratio controller

  • variable burner regulation with automated maintenance of temperature

  • hot air recirculation for efficient energy usage

  • sustainable use of "waste heat" by waste heat / heat recovery systems


Be it the zinc kettle in hot dip galvanizing or an annealing furnace in cold forming, the metalworking industry invariably involves energy-intensive processes which emit considerable amounts of low-quality energy, also known as "waste heat". However, with modern heat recovery systems this waste heat can be put to a good use in other parts of a facility. Using capable heat exchanger systems, otherwise lost energy can be recuperated for the heating of process tanks, dryer chambers, etc.

Technical Details

  • air-to-air or air-to-water heat exchanger for heat recovery from flue gas or other hot exhaust gasses

  • energy recuperation for dryers or hot water process tank heating circuits

  • fully monitored by three-point stack gas temperature measurement and automatically controlled

  • integrated with primary heating system (e.g. hot water boiler)