Being central in the majority of metalworking procedures, chemical pretreatment imposes high demands in regard to robustness, reliability and longevity of the equipment used in order to ensure an efficient and continuous production process. Bearing this in mind, EST provides high quality equipment for any type of chemical pretreatment application, be it for hot dip galvanizing, hot / cold-rolled steel processing or electroplating.



Process tanks comprise the core of chemical pretreatment steps. Manufactured exclusively from high quality German polymer panels and delivered ready with any required installations and fittings (heating coils, jig or bundle supports, drip covers, etc.), EST process tanks offer reliable performance and durability even under the harshest chemical conditions.

Technical Details

  • manufactured with Röchling PP/PE sheets

  • welded with molecular bond Fusion Welding Technology by Wegener

  • hydrostatic pressure load calculations performed with dedicated software according to DVS standards



EST process automatization technology offers automated make-up and dosing for the chemicals used in pretreatment, making process tank chemical maintenance and replenishment an easy and smooth operation while providing improved safety in chemical handling.

Technical Details

  • minimum direct handling of aggressive chemicals by personnel

  • reliable and easy to maintain international brand dosing and transfer pumps

  • both for liquid chemical products and freshly made up products from powder / granular chemicals (automated makeup tanks)

  • intelligent dosing system based on material throughput (by software integration with the material handling system or process tank monitoring sensors)



Another key competence of EST is the production of storage tanks in any size and capacity. Industrial scale chemical pretreatment procedures invariably demand the ability to transfer, store and / or dispose large volumes of liquid that are often aggressive or hazardous. EST storage tanks are manufactured to the same supreme quality standards as our process tanks and provide a dependable solution for the safe handling of chemical fluids.

Technical Details

  • manufactured with Röchling PP/PE sheets

  • welded by molecular bond Fusion Welding Technology by Wegener

  • double-walled systems with leakage alarm for storage of aggressive media

  • automated fill level monitoring and control system


Working in a pretreatment facility can be a challenging task. Hot treatment processes may produce large amounts of steam, often volatilizing and emitting the aggressive chemical compounds used as tiny airborne droplets. To remedy this situation, EST offers high capacity ventilation systems operating either in conjunction with tank rim ventilation or full pretreatment encapsulation, removing hazardous fumes and purifying the resulting vapor stream by high performance air scrubbers to comply with exhaust gas criteria.

Technical Details

  • polypropylene ventilation ducts with suction inlets connected to the process tank enclosure

  • high-capacity ventilator with automatic speed control

  • with droplet separator or air scrubber (depending on application)

  • strict compliance with relevant exhaust criteria