With a kettle of several cubic meters of 450 °C hot molten zinc at its core the hot dip galvanizing process is a demanding and energy-intensive industrial procedure where efficiency and process reliability do often decide over the economic success. Our experience at EST allows us to design and deliver full hot dip galvanizing facilities capable of granting our customers a maximum of dependability and performance regarding equipment and process flow.



The zinc kettle is the “heart” of any hot dip galvanizing process. EST offers kettles manufactured to the highest standards, including state-of-the-art auxiliary and process monitoring equipment. Integrated with our design expertise and further range of products we can guarantee a durable and lasting product to our customers.

Technical Details

  • high quality zinc kettles by W. Pilling Kesselfabrik

  • custom-sized, up to 80 mm wall thickness

  • available with special weld cladding for zinc -aluminum alloy coating applications



To meet the demanding task of maintaining the zinc melt in the kettle at the required process temperature a modern and reliable furnace system is paramount. With pulse-fired high velocity burners and advanced intelligent control system, the furnace systems offered by EST are energy-efficient, adaptive to the sudden heat demands of high throughput scenarios and, in conjunction with a carefully planned kettle geometry, secure against the hazard of localized overheating.

Technical Details

  • pulse-fired high velocity furnace by Hasco-Thermic

  • increased kettle lifespan due to optimized furnace geometry

  • high fuel efficiency and performance

  • intelligent control system for consistent and even heating



When the flux salts, fusing the zinc to the material surface, are burnt off during the immersion into the zinc kettle, noxious fumes and particulates are invariably emitted into the surrounding air, making efficient fume extraction mandatory. EST provides modern enclosure systems with automated features and capable of integration with the customer’s material handling system of choice.

Technical Details

  • form-stable steel frame with durable sheet metal cladding

  • hydraulically actuated and automatically controlled end doors for material entry and exit

  • hydraulically actuated and vertically lifted side doors with heat-resistant observation windows



Fumes and particulates extracted from the hot dip galvanizing process are a risk for the workers as well as the environment. The air and white fumes drawn from the kettle enclosure thus have to be cleaned in a filter system to remove dust and noxious gasses to ultimately emit only benign exhaust air. EST dust filters and gas scrubbers ensure a maximum in environmental and work safety.

Technical Details

  • high efficiency and automatically controlled bag house dust filter system

  • differential pressure control (jet pulse) bag cleaning